Monday, October 20, 2008

Vogue Paris November

This weeks inspiration from the amazing Vogue Paris... Loving the styling and particularly the tie dye denim and chloe boots... Make sure you check out Fashion Pariah - she owns those rad Chloe's and has some amazing outfit pics... (drool......) 

Sass & Bide Preview 'The New Grace'

Since I have re-discovered Sass & Bide lately, here is a preview of the new Sass & Bide collection- The New Grace available from January... Loving the floor skimming dresses and the black lace and the Black Rats leggings I must soon invest in...Looking forward to seeing more pics...


Is anyone else addicted to this Stephanie Meyer series? It was recommended to me by a friend and had some reservations at first- I mean it is a teenage vampire story, but just can't put them down. And just about to start the 4th one tonight... Looking forward to the movie (I am such a dork.) But check out the male cast (thought it was about time for some man-candy)- I am completely in love with Edward!

Lover SS '09 Northern Hemisphere 'Sacred Heart College'

Sorry I have been away for so long- been so busy! Anyway, happened to come across these pics of the new Lover collection for Northern Hemisphere next year... Once again, Love it. Looking forward to seeing how the pieces translate to Southern Hemisphere for our winter... Makes me want to get into my brogues and a straw boater hat.... 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sass and Bide The Spirit Kiss Resort '08

Loving the new S&B resort collection The Spirit Kiss... Especially the fringing, studs, drape jersey tanks and tie dye jeans... 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, I was tagged by the most awesome Anastacia at Fashion Pariah to write 11 little things... Thanks for thinking of me! x 

1. Clothes Shop
In Sydney I have my definite favorites, and happen to mainly be ones that stock my favorite Australian label Lover. Absolute fav would definitely be Pretty Dog, but also love Incu (for stocking Sophomore, Acne and Marc Jacobs), The Corner Shop, Capital L, and Bloodorange. For basics, I go to American Apparel, and That Store which as well as selling a HUGE range of denim brands also stocks Bassike. Apart from that I am also a big online shopper, with most of my purchases coming from Lagarconne and Urban Outfitters US. I love browsing Net-a-Porter and also Shopbop, however never seem to actually order anything from them...? 

2. Furniture Shop
Living in Surry Hills, I must say I am very spoilt for choice with great furniture/homewares stores... Love Orson and Blake for amazing furniture, and Chee Soon Fitzgerald for great fabrics. Penny Arcade has great vintage quirky finds and Spence and Lyda for Missoni towels..mmmmm! 

3. Sweet
I wish this one was just labeled 'food' instead of sweet.... Anyway my favorite food is definitely Vietnamese (Red Lantern, Phamish and Longrain just down the road from me are to DIE FOR- ok technically I think Longrain is more of a Thai fusion? ) But if I wanted something sweet I have a soft spot for Strawberry Freddo Frogs,  Cheesecake and Sticky Date Pudding!) 

4. City
Definitely New York. The first time I visited I was convinced (like pretty much everyone that goes there...) that I had to live there... So I moved there for two years not knowing a single person, however in the strangest way it still felt like home. Now that I still have lots of friends there and try and get back at least every year I guess it kind of is like home- (my holiday home anyway!)... Saying that, I do love Sydney and am very happy to live here forever- the weather, the beach, the lifestyle is all very me and I'm glad this is where I grew up and will one day raise my kids... However, I have never visited Paris but think I would love it! 

5. Drink
Apart from Coffee, during the day it's only water, but going out I'm a bit of a fan of the 'ol Sangria, but in a club or bar the standard is vodka dry with fresh lime... And on hot summer nights Mojitos and Caprioskas are my friend...

6. Music
Am open to a wide variety of music and love checking out new bands... Standard favs that continuously get a workout on my ipod are Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, MGMT, Klaxons, The Rolling Stones, and when in a very particular mood The Mars Volta...

7. TV series
Don't watch a lot of TV, as since nothing can really live up to my love of SATC, maybe as I always have to fight my boyfriend for control of the remote. I think I  would actually prefer browsing online or reading a fashion mag, however I quite embarrassingly admit a love for the O.C and Gossip Girl though am not very dedicated to watching it religiously...

8. Film
As mentioned in a previous post I have a particular love of french films featuring Audrey Tatou... I could watch them over and over, especially Priceless.

9. Workout
hmm.. my general workday is pretty much a workout I like to think... I don't go to the gym and my Bikram Yoga membership has expired. (this is making me feel guilty- maybe I had better start doing something!)

10. Pastries
Like you, Anastacia not really into them... Maybe once I get to France and check out a few real Patisseries I will think differently...

11. Coffee
My vice. Can't leave the house in the morning without it and can't get though the day without a mid-morning and a 3pm... Skim Cap or latte for me. Though visiting New York is the only time I can go cold turkey cause can't stand American coffee.. If forced to go without green tea is my next best caffeine hit. 

Apart from Fashion Pariah, I love updates from .v, delightful and Hannah Couture... x