Monday, October 20, 2008


Is anyone else addicted to this Stephanie Meyer series? It was recommended to me by a friend and had some reservations at first- I mean it is a teenage vampire story, but just can't put them down. And just about to start the 4th one tonight... Looking forward to the movie (I am such a dork.) But check out the male cast (thought it was about time for some man-candy)- I am completely in love with Edward!


Fashion Pariah said...

This is sad to admitt, but i have read all four. I read them all in a matter of weeks when i was working insane hours and stayed up real late to finish them. During that period i was totally obsessed, which is really sad considering how old i am, no not 13-17, lol.

I don't know if the characters in the new film, look right to me. There is a guy called Peter in one of my classes, who seriously should have been cast as Edward, he looks exactly like how i imagined right to the last detail, and yes he's insanely good looking.

Thought you'd like this (the new trailer just posted on youtube). Hope you can see/open the link.

Anonymous said...

I am re-reading the fourth one right now - I am totally obesessed - my 40 year old boss gave me them to read awesome!! cant wait for the movie!!

Ilena! said...

I read all them in 4 days back in October. They're amazing! I've been pretty much in love with Robert Pattinson ever since he was in Harry Potter and Jackson Rathbones amazing too! lol I'm such a nerd :P I can't wait for New Moon to come out!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, yes i totally am in love with it toooo!! haha. I love Robert Pattinson... i think Edward is a bit of a freak though haha, lovely but freaky!!!!
The books are awesome!!!! Hope you like the movie :)

kanishk said...

Thought you'd like this (the new trailer just posted on youtube). Hope you can see/open the link

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