Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I rarely make any beauty posts- (ok I think I have only ever made one and it was my random beauty purchases from mecca) I think it is because I am not really a huge fan of the made up look... I love pure natural beauty and the whole 'just got out of bed' look.... In case anyone was wondering what makeup I use: (haha I don't think that I have that many readers, let alone ones that wonder what make up I use! Hmm maybe after I finally start posting pics of myself...!) 

Primer/Hydrator: Mac Strobe Cream
Foundation: By Terry 
Concealer: Becca
Bronzer: Little bit of  Nars Laguna
Blush: Nars Orgasm
Eyeliner: Nars
Lips: HATE lipstick and only use gloss occasionaly- when I do Nars Turkish Delight

That's it- Usually paint my nails a neutral shade unless it's a beautiful summer day and I feel like going bright, and mostly don't do much to my hair except a quick spritz of some wave spray...Am a bit of a fan of the smoky eye for nights out though.. Even though I'm not that into makeup etc, would love to know what other products people use! 

Here are a few of my favorite pics that epitomise 'beauty'  for me...


xAx said...

I replied on my blog too, but yes you have been tagged - you're one of my fave blogs you know!

I know exactly what you mean, i think the sign of good makeup is not being able to tell whats someone is wearing. I love Erin, i don't if she's wearing it but she always looks fab. The whole just 'got out of bed' look comes very naturally to me, normally because i just have, lol.

It's nice to know what you're wearing, i use just eyeliner, rarely any nail varnish. Anything else is just a hassle to me.

I would love to see pics of you, do post some!!!!

And don't know 30 degree heat, it's bloody freezing over here.


these girls are beautiful, especially Erin wasson.I also do not like lipstick, use only gloss.รจ more chic! kisses