Sunday, August 17, 2008

My latest online purchases!

Ok I did receive them about 3 weeks ago but these are the latest of my online buys...
Heech Leather Sandals:
Boyfriend Watch, Sabina bag, fringe necklace and Stripe tank:
I'm hating the fact that I ordered the heech sandals so long ago to come from the US and now Sportsgirl is doing a copy. Oh well. I think the brown ones will go really well with the new  Lover collection. x 

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Stephanie said...

Great purchases! I didn't know you could buy shoes on amazon... good to know! I really love that tank too- I can't shop at Urban Outfitters brick-and-mortar stores. I hate the way they merchandise! Online is much easier. Whenever I find something online I can never ever find it in one of their stores. I feel like I have to bring a print-out of it and show it to one of the people working there in order to locate it!