Monday, August 25, 2008

Street Style Muse #2

Another gorgeous Swede with Stunning Style... Style by Kling.  Check out her blog by following the link in my favorites... x 


xAx said...

Man, it's pretty scary how intune we are with each other's fashion direction and inspiration, lol. I've been reading both blogs for a while now, you seen Fashion Flash?

good girl gone rad said...

Haha- that's awesome! Yes I also read fashion flash although I don't find she does too much outfit posting so I really only read it every once in a while.. Am going to update with a Spanish girl tonight- I'm sure you read hers too! It's actually pretty annoying that everyones blogs are tuning into fall/winter fashion while I have to start concentrating on Summer- although I'm looking forward to it there are so many winter trends I want to try that would just look slightly out of place in Sydney when it's hot!

Kirby said...

Shes lovely - if i had legs like that i'd work the minis and shirt dresses too