Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rad Girl...

She is everywhere at the moment and so she should be- Clemence Poesy


Rachael said...

I adore Clemence Posey, thanks for posting this.

xAx said...

I love Clemence, and her Gap ads, she reminds me of a girl at uni - exceptionally pretty without much effort. I remember the first time i saw her in Nylon... She is totally french to me, chic in an undone, messy kinda way.

good girl gone rad said...

I LOVE her style- A few things on my wishlist I have taken from her style:
-chanel ivory reissue
- lots of big loose tees
- more oversized blazers
- some worn in motorcycle boots

Love the pic with her hair bag and the beanie too- don't see her with her hair back very often- she has such a pretty face... x